17/07 2011

Clients, Users, Browsers

I spend an enourmous amount of time with browsers and knit picking the designs I build to fit them all. During the build process and my fleeting (and sometimes more than fleeting) visits to outdated browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 and 7, I sometimes wonder what it must be like for those poor souls who use them as their default browser, completely oblivious to the new technology they are missing out on.

You don't miss what you can't see

It suddenly dawned on me that these poor people are sitting in front of their screens looking at an old browser. They don't know about the improvements in these browsers because they can't see what the interfaces look like. I've taken it upon myself to provide a visual of each major browser (all the ones I support during the build process) to use as a tool to show clients and users what they are missing. Click on any of the browser visuals below to see a larger version:

Firefox 5

Firefox 3.6

Google Chrome

Safari 5

IE 9

IE 8

IE 7

IE 6

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