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Local Web sites on iPad & mobile

When I build sites I, like a fair few other Web Designers, use a local server setup. For me it’s WAMP at the moment. In order to work on many peoples sites at once, not having to copy/paste or constantly rename things, I have to use a combination of the Windows hosts file, which is […]

Front End Design, where’s the line?

Lots of high profile Web Industry Pro’s describe Front End Design/Development (what ever else you want to call it) as ‘Responsible for View Source’ and I tend to agree. ‘View source’ covers everything except things that happen on the server and occasionally, some of that as well. Most Web sites can actually be built and […]

Hi, I'm Webegg

Having been doing this for years and years, I've built up an enourmous amount of knowledge about HTML, CSS, jQuery/Javascript and the ever popular CMS of choice for most people, Wordpress.

Learn something about making Web Sites. These articles are for anyone involved in using, designing or building them.