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The Evolution of Sass

In recent years, the use of preprocessors has become commonplace for Front End Development and many do not even write raw css anymore. As a direct result of the rise of Responsive design, the requirement for css preprocessors went from a nice to have, to virtually mandatory for some projects due to the scale of […]

Multiple Location Googlemap with navigation

Dear Valued visitor, Thank you so much for your support and interest in the articles on Webegg. Whilst a lot of content is totally free, some of the things I put a lot of work into are slightly restricted in terms of code and demo links. I’ve had to do this to keep my level […]

Responsive Javascript

Article on responsive javascript

Mobile Web sites; a new way

I’ve been building Web sites professionally for over 7 years now and in that time the Landscape of getting a site from the flat graphic state, to a state where users can interact with it have changed dramatically. Working without a script, piecing together client expectation over new technologies is an everyday balancing act where […]

Don’t be an anti-semantic

I often get the feeling that there are many people who hear the word ‘Semantics’ mentioned by Front End Designers in passing but don’t really know what it means. Rather than go straight into Web Semantics & how this relates to the Web and building semantics into HTML, I think it is important not to […]

jQuery Multiple Filter

A groovy multiple filter

Front End Design, where’s the line?

Lots of high profile Web Industry Pro’s describe Front End Design/Development (what ever else you want to call it) as ‘Responsible for View Source’ and I tend to agree. ‘View source’ covers everything except things that happen on the server and occasionally, some of that as well. Most Web sites can actually be built and […]

Modular layouts and content

What a difference CSS makes Left outset image. See right set image for explanation. Firstly, your eyes aren’t decieving you. For my latest post I’ve decided to show you the power of ‘Modularisation’, a technique which attempts to simplify layout, mainly for the client. I was inspired after reading articles from people like Elliot Jay […]

Hooray for Blue Beanie Day

On 30th November 2010 it is the fourth annual Blue Beanie Day. It was founded by Jeffrey Zeldman, who was the lead author of one of my favourite books ‘Designing with Web Standards: Third Edition’ and has among many others been designing, speaking and championing the use of Web Standards since the mid-nineties. Blue Beanie […]

FOUT – What’s that all about?

Article explaining why FOUT happens

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