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Local Web sites on iPad & mobile

When I build sites I, like a fair few other Web Designers, use a local server setup. For me it’s WAMP at the moment. In order to work on many peoples sites at once, not having to copy/paste or constantly rename things, I have to use a combination of the Windows hosts file, which is […]

Set up a Web Server with Fedora 10

For a long time now, I’ve been itching to learn how to set up my own home server that I alone have complete control over. I was fed up with trying to contact my hosting company to ask them if they wouldn’t mind installing something to help me with building my websites, for them to […]

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Install PEAR on a third party server

Have you ever been frustrated with your Hosting company because they couldn’t or wouldn’t install the PEAR library for you. You can truly make your Web Applications completely independant of any hosting limitations by installing you own copy of PEAR. Thankfully, my kind hosting provider has installed PEAR but I relied on the following method […]

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Hi, I'm Webegg

Having been doing this for years and years, I've built up an enourmous amount of knowledge about HTML, CSS, jQuery/Javascript and the ever popular CMS of choice for most people, Wordpress.

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