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Hooray for Blue Beanie Day

On 30th November 2010 it is the fourth annual Blue Beanie Day. It was founded by Jeffrey Zeldman, who was the lead author of one of my favourite books ‘Designing with Web Standards: Third Edition’ and has among many others been designing, speaking and championing the use of Web Standards since the mid-nineties. Blue Beanie […]

Beware the Twitter API

I found a bit of a glaring hole in the twitter API the other day. I have a protected Twitter account and all I wanted to do on the Webegg site was to show one Tweet (the latest one) on my site so that anyone visiting had an idea what I was talking about with […]

Hi, I'm Webegg

Having been doing this for years and years, I've built up an enourmous amount of knowledge about HTML, CSS, jQuery/Javascript and the ever popular CMS of choice for most people, Wordpress.

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