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Multiple Location Googlemap with navigation

Dear Valued visitor, Thank you so much for your support and interest in the articles on Webegg. Whilst a lot of content is totally free, some of the things I put a lot of work into are slightly restricted in terms of code and demo links. I’ve had to do this to keep my level […]

Responsive Javascript

Article on responsive javascript

Clients, Users, Browsers

I spend an enourmous amount of time with browsers and knit picking the designs I build to fit them all. During the build process and my fleeting (and sometimes more than fleeting) visits to outdated browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 and 7, I sometimes wonder what it must be like for those poor souls […]

Front End Design, where’s the line?

Lots of high profile Web Industry Pro’s describe Front End Design/Development (what ever else you want to call it) as ‘Responsible for View Source’ and I tend to agree. ‘View source’ covers everything except things that happen on the server and occasionally, some of that as well. Most Web sites can actually be built and […]

Modular layouts and content

What a difference CSS makes Left outset image. See right set image for explanation. Firstly, your eyes aren’t decieving you. For my latest post I’ve decided to show you the power of ‘Modularisation’, a technique which attempts to simplify layout, mainly for the client. I was inspired after reading articles from people like Elliot Jay […]

Hooray for Blue Beanie Day

On 30th November 2010 it is the fourth annual Blue Beanie Day. It was founded by Jeffrey Zeldman, who was the lead author of one of my favourite books ‘Designing with Web Standards: Third Edition’ and has among many others been designing, speaking and championing the use of Web Standards since the mid-nineties. Blue Beanie […]

Progressive Enhancement is a good thing

The Web of today is changing. Whether we, as Web professionals, like it or not. There are currently about 10 browsers (taking into account versions, which often differ from each other) on the market within which Web sites need to function. As a front end designer who is conscious of the way businesses have to […]

Web Design Process

What are we trying to achieve? As soon as we realize that we need to plan a site before even touching the computer we allow ourselves to think freely and give ourselves the chance to produce a quality piece of work. In order for a Website to fulfill it’s requirement, it has to have a […]

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