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WordPress Custom Post based on a template

Having been busying myself on the redesign of this site over the last week or so I invaded the custom post functionality of WordPress to try and make the process a little more organised and straightforward. There’ll always be an element of variable copy and paste tedium but found that it can at least be […]

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Mobile Web sites; a new way

I’ve been building Web sites professionally for over 7 years now and in that time the Landscape of getting a site from the flat graphic state, to a state where users can interact with it have changed dramatically. Working without a script, piecing together client expectation over new technologies is an everyday balancing act where […]

Front End Design, where’s the line?

Lots of high profile Web Industry Pro’s describe Front End Design/Development (what ever else you want to call it) as ‘Responsible for View Source’ and I tend to agree. ‘View source’ covers everything except things that happen on the server and occasionally, some of that as well. Most Web sites can actually be built and […]

WordPress, THE guide

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been putting together quite a comprehensive online documentation system for the WordPress platform, more specifically for the Theme creation side of WordPress. Theming is the way Web Designers can customise a new site for their client to produce something completely bespoke with a good platform for all the mundane […]

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Install PEAR on a third party server

Have you ever been frustrated with your Hosting company because they couldn’t or wouldn’t install the PEAR library for you. You can truly make your Web Applications completely independant of any hosting limitations by installing you own copy of PEAR. Thankfully, my kind hosting provider has installed PEAR but I relied on the following method […]

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Hi, I'm Webegg

Having been doing this for years and years, I've built up an enourmous amount of knowledge about HTML, CSS, jQuery/Javascript and the ever popular CMS of choice for most people, Wordpress.

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