I do appreciate that anyone with a budget needs to know a price. I also like to have a figure up front as it helps to know how much time can be allocated. With this in mind, heres a few simple rules I try to abide by when pricing.

One page design

This can consist of design and coding from the ground up. A typical simple page would usually consist of an existing logo and 300-500 words of text (supplied by the client).

£80 approx

Further pages

Just because a page costs a certain amount, it doesn't mean that each subsequent page costs the same. If every page has the same structure and type of content (text and a few images), the price would reflect this.

£25 per hour

Content management

I have lots of experience in various content management systems. From experience I have found it is better to allow the Web Designer to update the site but if the client enjoys using technology, I can find a suitable and interesting solution and show you how to use it.

£300 upwards


It may be that you would like to show items from your pay pal account, include a video you made on you tube or have an image gallery to show off some of your products. I consider enhancements like this to be 'Modules'. These can range vastly in price, depending on their complexity.

£95 upwards


I currently use a third party hosting service called 'Mediatemple' who are among the best in the business with 24/7/365 support. This costs me a fixed fee every year. If a client requires me to setup a domain name and hosting for them, this would cost me money each month/year. I have to pass this onto the client. This would be part of the design process as it doesn't take long if I have the right information.

£domain + £50 per year

Updates & other requests

Anything that requires work which is open ended, falls into this. This usually includes any updates requested by the client, that they feel they cannot achieve. If a client is unsure whether they are likely to 'break' a design by updating themselves, it is often more cost effective to ask me to update for you as once a design is broken, it can take time to rectify.

£25 per hour

Hi, I'm Webegg

Having been doing this for years and years, I've built up an enourmous amount of knowledge about HTML, CSS, jQuery/Javascript and the ever popular CMS of choice for most people, Wordpress.

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