16/08 2010

WordPress, THE guide

Over the last few weeks, I've been putting together quite a comprehensive online documentation system for the WordPress platform, more specifically for the Theme creation side of WordPress. Theming is the way Web Designers can customise a new site for their client to produce something completely bespoke with a good platform for all the mundane tasks that most sites require in these modern times.

UPDATE: This was an ambitious project which has alas gone by the wayside. WordPress itself has extensive documentation, so this was only ever really for personal use.

What's the point?

Something I've noticed of late is that although the documentation that is available directly from the WordPress site is very comrehensive, it only really tells you about the foundation level features that drive the system. You can use any of them whenever you wish, although most Developers tend to want to know how it all comes together to produce something you can use directly in your theme development to make nice things happen.

As someone who has been using WordPress for years, I have so many techniques I have learnt, forgotten about, learnt again and used on many sites I've produced for clients and for myself. I thought it was high time I produced some form of documentation both to keep track of the things I've learnt so I can refer back to it, and also for anyone else interested in developing a new Theme for this industry leading resource.

I am planning to keep it up to date with every new technique I learn on every new project so hopefully it will help to get more people plunging into WordPress Theming in a very accessible way, allowing them to include some great features directly into their own sites.

Obviously, my main discapline is Accessible Front End Design, which remains the most important part of my work for clients as it is the most important part for users of their sites. This is why my documentation will remain anchored to the WordPress system and not the fundementals of actually designing and building the html and behaviour of the site.

Marketeers welcome

Webegg understands that although I myself can understand users needs quite easily, sales people and Marketeers simply want to sell a product to prospective clients. To sell any product and be sure that it is right for their client, they first need to know that product. I have not just aimed the documentation at developers but have also created sections for just these types of people, so they can at least look at the evidence in a more easily digestable format. If they do not want to spend the time reading it themselves, they can pass the details along to the client, although this would be quite an unprofessional thing to do.

Head across to and you can browse through the documentation. There is an 'index of contents' at the top via the tab that sticks down from the top of the page. As the documentation grows, this will no doubt need re-thinking but its fine for now. On opening this, you can see that the non-technical section is split off from the main Theme build section. I have also added an 'Over and above' section for anything that WordPress won't do 'out of the box'.

2 Responses to WordPress, THE guide

  1. Mario says:

    Каждому Привет! Народ, такой вопрос, где можно скачать игры для денди сега ? Нашел в сети один сайт там есть игры денди, сега Nes Sega Nester и неплохие эмуляторы клик, но их там реально мало. Может знает кто где есть больше? Просто реально это мое детсво золотое, чуть поиграл, и хочется еще поностальгировать

    1. Webegg says:

      Apologies for not responding. This looks like a genuine omment but this isn’t a russian site. I’d like to understand so if you can post in english it’d be great to see what you have to say?

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